Finished Digital Pieces from the Envision Showcase

AS promised, here are the finished digial pieces created for the Envision showcase last week. Prints are available for order for only $30 (INCLUDES SHIPPING!) OR 2 prints for $50. If interested, please send an email to [email protected] with SUBJECT: PRINT (artwork title)
and I will send you an invoice through paypal for your print(s) purchase!

Extracts from Pathological Sadness
Digital 2018
Like being frozen in ice. Mind awake and wanting to scream. Yet forcefully quieted by the icy structure encompassing your entire being. If only you could chisel your way out. But all you can do is wait for the ice to melt...
Wounds of Confusion
Digital 2018
Nostalgic Judgement
Digital 2018
Colors show you objects. They complicate things, and sometimes… Sometimes that’s fine. But what about looking past the surface. Deeper into the soul of something or someone. When you see things in black and white, you see outlines, curves, shading, depth and emotion. You start to actually see the world from a different perspective. The trees are no longer green and your house is no longer beige or blue or red. Our senses are now allowed to tune into something deeper.. Colors can show us that life is a beautiful fight, but black and white reminds us of why it still is.

Lora Marsh